" To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace." - Doug Conant

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What We Do?

Otolom was established in 2018 with the purpose of offering people and leadership development solutions that address intellectual and spiritual aspects of organisations and individuals we partner with. This two-pronged approach  enables us to support growth and foster self-actualisation within organisation while creating profitable business results. The intellectual aspect enhances skills required to excel at one’s function while the spiritual aspect addresses living out a meaningful purpose with the aim of impacting others positively.

Our philosophy is that courageous connections lead to personal growth and excellence for each person’s journey which in turn benefits the organisation. We journey alongside our partners and clients to produce results for their human capital investment through various methodologies and platforms.

We are optimistic about the future as we intentionally learn and evolve to remain relevant and current in a dynamic and rapidly changing world of work. We provide tools to organisations to navigate a VUCA world so they can continue to make a positive impact in their organisations first and then their industries. We offer tailor-made business solutions and skills development solutions to enable corporates to thrive and grow.


We offer both Online and Classroom

Training development

Training material development (electronic and books)

Skills Development

Facilitator Services (WSP, ATR and claiming for SETA grants)


Personal effectiveness and career coaching

Business Solutions

Our business solutions are designed to assist our clients achieve their objectives. We aim to identify the issue, diagnose the issue and get the expertise needed to solve the problem. Our team of facilitators, coaches and instructional designers are well versed in their field and continually update their knowledge with the latest industry-related information to remain relevant and competent. Our solutions assist in building team effectiveness and increasing profits.

Skills Development

The rapid change which the world we live in operates requires us to adapt and quicken our response to the changes we see around us. There will always be value in formal structured learning however, when we consider the pace at which change occurs in our workplace we require an approach that matches these circumstances. Acquiring new and relevant skills empowers your workforce to rise to the occasion of delivering world-class results by applying the skills acquired immediately in their jobs.


We offer career and personal effectiveness coaching to individuals and groups within the organisation. The aim here is to journey with the person or group to  help them identify, envision and implement strategies that will help them succeed in different areas of their work or relationships. The end result is to help the person or group to improve their performance, learn and apply themselves effectively in different situations or contexts

Our clients include ...